Feeling stuck and wondering where to turn for the answers to your fertility issues and endometriosis suffering?


If you are at your wits end and wanting to take control of your own fertility health and endometriosis symptoms with personalised support and guidance, you’ve come to the right place.


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 Hi, I’m Sarah Hopkins 🌿


I help women struggling with fertility, falling pregnant, regulating their cycle and women struggling with endometriosis go from overwhelmed, stressed and in crippling pain, to balanced, healthy and thriving.

If you’re..

🖤 Struggling with endometriosis pain, IBS or gut issues and painful periods

🖤 Experiencing infertility or trying to conceive

🖤 Suffering from extremely painful monthly menstrual cycles


And want to..

💜 Significantly reduce pain and discomfort

💜 Improve your chances of conceiving a healthy baby

💜 Improve hormonal symptoms

💜 Take responsibility for your symptoms and health so it can improve for the long term





Hi beautiful lady 🙋‍♀️

I’m Sarah, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach with over 10 years experience helping women just like you suffering with the devastation and pain that comes with fertility struggles and endometriosis suffering. I see you and I feel you. After working with HUNDREDS of women to take their health back in their own hands I have refined my protocols and seen the results time and time again. I’m here to share this and tweak these to your individual circumstances and provide the strong support and guidance you need to FINALLY get well. I wanted to take the guesswork out of your healing journey based on all of the things I’ve implemented over the years with my clients and what I KNOW works.
The internet is filled with so much information that it becomes overwhelming and at times, contradicting, leading you down a path of much trial and error. Feelings of failure and giving up hope hinder our mindset and ability to heal. I am here to hold your hand and give you the information and tools that will have you optimising your fertility to fall pregnant with a healthy baby and pregnancy and reducing your pain and symptoms from endometriosis.
I’ve been there… I bounced from doctor to doctor being told i was infertile, after taking my health in to my own hands and falling pregnant naturally with my son Rafael, the very steps I took incorporated in to my protocols for you.
I have created a strong community of like-minded women and deliver tailored one on one and group coaching. This is such a comforting way to dive in head first and overcome your fertility and endometriosis battles one step at a time with the support and deep understanding of other women in the same boat. Accountability and support at its best.

My blog is full of delicious, nutritious recipes to make your body, hormones and taste buds happy.

Get to know my story a little better and learn why I chose to become a Chek Practitioner and Women’s Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

I work with women all over the world, if you’d like to work together or have any questions contact me here.