Prioritising My Health Helped Me Survive Chemotherapy.

Words can’t describe when your doctor tells you have Cancer; you go into an overwhelming state of mind and all you can think of is how can I survive.

I was always a person who took pride in myself, at the gym at least 4 times a week and ate quite healthy, so when I was diagnosed I was quite shocked. I knew I had to even better myself if I had any chance of survival. I needed to seek professional help, this is where a friend introduced me to Sarah Hopkins, and I thank my angels for her doing so.

Just before Chemotherapy I visited Sarah several times, and we went through my whole history and focused on the challenges ahead, planning my own exercise routine and food planner, I knew I needed guidance to help heal my mind, and body.

If there is anyone out there going through the same ordeal, I recommend that you see Sarah because you have so much to deal with and its amazing and helpful to have someone who is guiding you and has an interest in your health, I truly could have not done it with out the help of Sarah.

I’m now a survivor, and Sarah is one of the reasons why, my lifestyle has continued with all the tools Sarah has shared and taught me, and my family and I continue healthier living.

Janine Le Febour

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