Today’s Workout – Park Playground

My Workout Park – Forrest Park

I love working out in interesting places.  I really can’t understand why, weather permitting, people head into the gym to labour away on a machine when you can do the same thing (and yield a much stronger result) outside.  I love grabbing my pooch and heading out first thing in the morning for a jog around Hyde Park or heading across the street to do some sprints or even heading down to beach once the weather improves for some exercise followed by a swim.  Perth has the perfect climate for it.  I find that mixing up the location and taking it outside also helps to keep me motivated.  If I did the same thing over and over again, I’m not sure I’d still be doing it.  Furthermore, with exercise as with everything else variation really is the spice of life.  In order to get the best results from your exercise schedule, you need to mix it up.  The human body adapts to any stimulus (including exercise) very quickly so to keep getting results from your programme you need to keep things dynamic.

Having said that, some workouts are much easier in a gym.  They have all of the free weights and cable machines that I need for my functional movement patterns, but there are ways to integrate the outside world into these kinds of workouts too.

This morning Lib and I did the following workout in the playground –

  • Step up lunges
  • Body weight chin ups
  • Push up/pikes with swiss ball
  • Kettle bell bicep curls balancing on swiss ball

The  playgound served as a perfect location for most of the exercises so it was a great way to get outside and have a functional workout at the same time.


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