On the Path of Self-Love

I came to see Sarah after coming across her blog and reading about her journey with amenorrhea. It has been 3 years since my last menstrual cycle and for a long time, I didn’t really understand why it stopped, or … Read More

Energy, Digestion, Mood and More are all Better Now

  I came to see Sarah as I was sick of being tired, bloated and unmotivated about my health, I knew that at 25 this was not a normal state of being! I have a few kg to lose yet … Read More

I Healed My Hormones, Digestion And Stress All While Being FIFO

  I came to see Sarah Hopkins because I felt my health and general wellbeing was at the worst state that it had been in my life. I was having major digestive issues that caused me to have stomach pains, … Read More

Weight Loss and Health Feel Easy

  I saw Sarah as I was sick of putting up with the stubborn 5kg or so around my gut which seemed to be growing even though I didn’t think I ate that unhealthily and exercised regularly. Rather than haphazardly … Read More

Fine Tuning My Health Has Resulted in Even Better Results

  I like to think of myself as a relatively healthy person. I exercise daily, watch the quality and quantity of food I consume and generally like to take care of myself, however despite these efforts, I started to feel … Read More

Healthy results coaching with Sarah Hopkins Health and Wellbeing

I Wanted to Get My Health Back on Track

  I came to see Sarah after being recommended by a friend who had had great results working with her. I was suffering with the after – effects of a virus and this combined with PCOS had me worried about … Read More

I Feel I Can Achieve So Much More Now with Better Health

  I was constantly thinking about my weight, feeling tired, mentally fuzzy and didn’t want to continue to feel so ‘blah’. I wanted to make some changes and I was ready to but wasn’t sure where to start and how … Read More

My Digestive Issues are Resolved, I’ve Lost Weight and I’m Meditating 40 minutes Every Day!

  When I first came to see Sarah I needed to address some very annoying digestive issues and also reduce my stress levels by changing to a more healthy lifestyle. I really wanted some one on one support rather than … Read More

I No Longer Need to be Reliant on Medication

  Health starts on the inside A special friend of mine suggested that I go and see Sarah, and I am so grateful. Sarah has shown me, through her beautiful caring nature and wisdom, a simple and clever way of … Read More

I Now Understand My Body Better

  Radiating Health After a few weeks of procrastinating I decided to phone Sarah and book a meeting, after all I had nothing to lose. I felt stuck and now in my 40’s, and knew I wanted to empower myself … Read More