I Wanted to Get My Health Back on Track

Healthy results coaching with Sarah Hopkins Health and Wellbeing


I came to see Sarah after being recommended by a friend who had had great results working with her. I was suffering with the after – effects of a virus and this combined with PCOS had me worried about my health. I was also not feeling my best, I was very tired all the time and had lots of digestive issues after the virus. I really wanted to get everything back on track and make sure I was eating correctly for health.

Sarah assessed me thoroughly which was a great learning experience for me too. She advised me which foods were contributing to my health issues and also helped me change how I was eating in terms of timing. Since I have implemented the changes I have a lot more energy, my anxiety has improved so much and I’m making sure exercise and meditation are part of my daily routine. I can really see where I am improving and what I need to do to further improve my health. I’m even inspiring my team at work to bring healthier snacks in to the office 🙂

I highly recommend Sarah for her holistic approach and ethics. I also love Sarah’s blog which has great recipes I can follow and make at home. The benefits of working with a holistic health coach mean you can really achieve whatever you want to.

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