My endometriosis pain and flare-ups have become infrequent (none since starting with Sarah!)

I had been looking for a way to better understand and manage my endometriosis and prepare for IVF. Sarah was inquisitive, understanding, and thoughtful, and helped explain the reasoning why diet and lifestyle adjustments were so important in reducing inflammation … Read More

I’m now 30 weeks pregnant after failed IVF and 2 miscarriages!

When I reached out to Sarah I’d been trying to conceive for 6 years. I’d been diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2019 and suffered with extremely painful periods, fatigue, digestive issues and anxiety. I’d had failed IVF cycles and 2 miscarriages … Read More

We put my Chron’s in to remission, and fell pregnant naturally!

Sarah has provided me with immense guidance and support when I had been really struggling and feeling a bit lost with my diet/ nutrition after trying multiple things to assist with Crohn’s and IBS, hormonal imbalance and my fertility journey, … Read More

Finally pregnant after trying to conceive for 9 years through endometriosis

I came to see Sarah after a couple of friends recommended her to help with my fertility, at that stage I had been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for 9 years.  I was struggling with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and stage 4 … Read More

We are pregnant!

We are pregnant! We had completed initial screening via the GP and results were ‘all good’ but it was coming up a year of trying for our second baby. For me there were a few indicators that my body wasn’t … Read More

I lost weight and feel energetic for the first time in my life!

I came to see Sarah, to get help with my fertility and see what Sarah was all about. Sarah helped me learn what and how to eat not only for fertility but also for health. I learnt what types of … Read More

We have now welcomed our beautiful baby boy in to the world!

Sarah helped me tremendously. Her knowledge and guidance was such a great support in such a difficult time. With Sarah’s help, I came to understand what I could control (diet, exercise and stress) and what I couldn’t control (the outcome … Read More

No more lack of libido, eczema, lack of energy and low blood sugar! And my period has returned!

I came to see Sarah after witnessing some very positive changes in a friend who had been seeing her. I was about 9 months postpartum after giving birth to my first child and was experiencing uncomfortable symptoms such as vaginal … Read More

I’m now 8 weeks pregnant! The redness in my face, the bloating, the constipation completely disappeared & I had energy again!

I originally heard Sarah on a podcast about infertility and how what we eat has a huge impact on fertility.  The logic behind Sarah’s way of communicating captivated me into following a direction of investigating (with her help) what was … Read More

My period endometriosis pains aren’t as bad within 3 months of working with Sarah

I came to see Sarah because I have been dealing with really bad period pains, a lot of inflammation, being uncomfortable in my own body, feeling fatigued, no motivation the list goes on. But most importantly to become fertile. In … Read More