My period endometriosis pains aren’t as bad within 3 months of working with Sarah

I came to see Sarah because I have been dealing with really bad period pains, a lot of inflammation, being uncomfortable in my own body, feeling fatigued, no motivation the list goes on. But most importantly to become fertile.

In the months seeing Sarah nearly every aspect of my life has improved. I even had a scare by doctors because my prolactin levels were way over normal and the doctors thought I could have a prolactinoma. 3 months after seeing Sarah with all the changes I made through my diet and life style, did another blood and my levels dropped SIGNIFICANTLY.

My inflammation isn’t as high, I have more  energy and my sleep cycle is drastically improving. I actually look forward to the day when waking up instead of dreading it and just pulling through. My period endo pains are as bad and I actually function through them instead of being curled up in a ball for three days and nearly passing out and vomiting.

I would say, if you have been feeling like crap and all is helpless and doctors are not helping and you want to feel like yourself again, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Enjoy the whole of you again. A big thank you Sarah again . And she’s not just there for your appointment and done. She will be there with you throughout your whole journey. She is a true healer and cares so much 🩷

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