No more lack of libido, eczema, lack of energy and low blood sugar! And my period has returned!

I came to see Sarah after witnessing some very positive changes in a friend who had been seeing her. I was about 9 months postpartum after giving birth to my first child and was experiencing uncomfortable symptoms such as vaginal dryness/itchiness, lack of libido, eczema on my face, lack of energy and low blood sugar levels which resulted in headaches and nausea.

Within 6 months of working with Sarah all of my symptoms have gone and my menstrual cycle has returned even though I am still breastfeeding my baby.

Sarah has taught to me nurture my mind and body in a realistic and attainable way. She offered advice and changes to my lifestyle and the way I was eating that were gradual and simple so I never felt overwhelmed and new practices have become habitual without even realising.

I would highly recommend Sarah to all of my friends and family. Not only is she is a wealth of knowledge but she offers a level of empathy, kindness and nurturing that was so refreshing after dealing with other health practitioners perinatally.

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