I lost weight and feel energetic for the first time in my life!

I came to see Sarah, to get help with my fertility and see what Sarah was all about.

Sarah helped me learn what and how to eat not only for fertility but also for health. I learnt what types of food are best for me which included more organic and less toxic food for my body, we also worked on my environment making it more natural and healthier.


I lost weight and I feel energetic and so much better for it. I am happier and healthier and probs the best I have felt in my life. Considering my age (50+) I wasn’t able to be successful with fertility but I have walked away healthier!


Sarah is amazing at what she does. Caters the help needed based on her observation and checks done. Always available to help and chat no matter what time or how busy. Sarah makes you feel valued and genuinely interested to help you, Sarah connects you with other amazing ladies to share experience and to share tips!


Sarah is one I would recommend as she is 100/10. Sarah gets results, she makes you feel comfortable, motivated and knows who you need to become that is rare. Thank you for all you do for all the ladies.Sarah cares and that is so important,  thank you for your love care and commitment to making it work for so many. You will see changes and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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