I’m now 8 weeks pregnant! The redness in my face, the bloating, the constipation completely disappeared & I had energy again!

I originally heard Sarah on a podcast about infertility and how what we eat has a huge impact on fertility.  The logic behind Sarah’s way of communicating captivated me into following a direction of investigating (with her help) what was going on inside my body. At the time I was struggling with all sorts of issues such as chronic constipation, PCOS, amenorrhea and super low energy. I was told it would be pretty challenging to fall pregnant, even with IVF.

After a few sessions, we started to eliminate different foods to address the inflammation as well as add in others for fertility support. In a few weeks, everything started to transform.  The redness in my face, the bloating, the constipation completely disappeared.  I finally started to lose weight, got my mental clarity back and energy back. A weight had been lifted. After a break we did another IVF cycle and to our great surprise, I’m now 8 weeks pregnant!!

For anyone thinking should I see Sarah, what do you have to lose? Isn’t it about time you stopped putting so much effort and time into other people and time to invest in your own health and wellbeing? It’s not just a session and that’s it, it’s texting in the middle of the supermarket not sure what an ingredient is and checking if you can eat it. It’s celebrating the milestones and goals you create. It’s feeling better within your body and mind.

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