We put my Chron’s in to remission, and fell pregnant naturally!

Sarah has provided me with immense guidance and support when I had been really struggling and feeling a bit lost with my diet/ nutrition after trying multiple things to assist with Crohn’s and IBS, hormonal imbalance and my fertility journey, which included previous miscarriage.

Sarah was able to not only provide me with the emotional support that I needed but also made some practical changes not just with my nutrition but on a more holistic level that within the first month, I already felt better. A few months later I was in remission with my Crohn’s.

We were able to really focus on trying to fall pregnant again and to our great pleasure and surprise, we fell pregnant naturally!!

I’m finally feeling a little more relieved to say I’m in my second trimester and feeling well physically. Sarah was able to give me the personalised support and guidance that I needed during this time. I can’t thank her enough for helping me out of a really difficult time in my life!

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