I Now Understand My Body Better


Radiating Health

After a few weeks of procrastinating I decided to phone Sarah and book a meeting, after all I had nothing to lose. I felt stuck and now in my 40’s, and knew I wanted to empower myself again by obtaining optimum health. I just needed safe and effective techniques to do so. I also wanted to lose a few kilos, which I had gained after minor surgery. Post surgery my energy levels were low, and I knew I was out of balance. I felt tired and restless throughout the day, which affected every part of my life. Sarah was the perfect medium to enable that integration of knowledge and support to get me back on track.

I started seeing Sarah once a week for three months and having learnt techniques to better handle stress and anxiety in my busy life had a domino effect, resulting in many benefits such as enabling me to heal my gastrointestinal tract and eliminate toxins. I now understand my body better and why I was holding on to my extra weight gained after surgery. I feel happier and healthier with plenty of energy, balanced sleep patterns, which have added benefits, the equilibrium I now experience has rubbed off on my entire family.

I would suggest to my friends and colleagues, it’s never to late to learn more about empowering yourself no matter what health, physical, dietary or emotional issues they have by learning effective techniques to support their life.
Thank you Sarah.

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