My Digestive Issues are Resolved, I’ve Lost Weight and I’m Meditating 40 minutes Every Day!


When I first came to see Sarah I needed to address some very annoying digestive issues and also reduce my stress levels by changing to a more healthy lifestyle.
I really wanted some one on one support rather than join an online program. Sarah’s website seemed very clear and appealing. I got a very positive feeling from it and didn’t hesitate to set up my first appointment.

The first change I made is to cut out all gluten and lactose. Within a very short time the benefits started to show as my digestive issues virtually disappeared
Sarah also recommended that I address my issues with stress management by taking a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. I am now half way through the course and meditating 40 min every day!
The results are starting to show as I feel more relaxed and in control of my stress levels. I have also lost some weight which makes me feel really good

Sarah is a very down to earth type of coach. She will make suggestions based on her experience but is also aware that not one approach is going to solve every client’s issues.
I have found Sarah to be very patient and approachable. I found I can trust her and won’t get judged if I don’t get things ‘right’ all of the time.
But, in saying this Sarah is very outcome focussed and keeps me on track for my goals.
If you’re serious about making some changes you can be confident that Sarah will help you to achieve your goals

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