Energy, Digestion, Mood and More are all Better Now


I came to see Sarah as I was sick of being tired, bloated and unmotivated about my health, I knew that at 25 this was not a normal state of being! I have a few kg to lose yet but that’s not why I came to see Sarah. I wanted to educate myself on my health and what it means to be healthy.

Over the last few months, Sarah has been an amazing support, mentor and great source of knowledge on my journey. Sarah has given me practical tips and techniques to incorporate into my everyday life so that my energy levels rose, my digestion improved and I no longer feel “groggy” upon waking. I hadn’t even acknowledged my own improvement as it was a gradual process until attending some later sessions where we re-evaluated my levels of digestions, mood, energy etc. How great to have implemented these changed so subtly that I just felt good and didn’t even notice that I wasn’t feeling bloated all the time!!

I also love how Sarah incorporates the spirituality side of health which is so often ignored in conventional health practices, for me this was a very valued part of our sessions. Down to earth, knowledgeable and genuinely caring, Sarah is a fundamental part of my change to better health! Thank you! 🙂

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