Weight Loss and Health Feel Easy


I saw Sarah as I was sick of putting up with the stubborn 5kg or so around my gut which seemed to be growing even though I didn’t think I ate that unhealthily and exercised regularly. Rather than haphazardly trying to reduce my intake of food I decided to go and see Sarah and try to get some dietary advice. I was very anxious about what she may suggest I eat. Maybe all salad or some strange foods I didn’t already eat like Tuna!

The information she gave me was given in small bites – easy to digest you might say. She took me on a journey to discover a better way to eat and live which left me no longer feeling hungry and craving more food. I now rarely crave food and eat a regular and balanced diet with some foods that I thought would not be allowed and I don’t count calories. Instead I eat proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a new balance which Sarah has taught me.

I also ensure I meditate regularly and look after my whole self. My hormones have never been better. I am very grateful for the new knowledge I have gained and hope to continue to lose some more of that spare tyre which still has some to go after losing 7kg in 4 months.

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