Fine Tuning My Health Has Resulted in Even Better Results

  I like to think of myself as a relatively healthy person. I exercise daily, watch the quality and quantity of food I consume and generally like to take care of myself, however despite these efforts, I started to feel … Read More

A Message From My Gut

  Wanted to share this funny email from a darling client of mine, cleverly written in the third person from the perspective of her gut. Her name has been changed to protect her anonymity. I can’t tell you how glad … Read More

Finally I Have My Period After 5 Years

  I HAVE MY PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never did I think that I would be so excited to say this, haha! Gosh, it’s been one heck of a learning curve, with many amazing practitioners (you included) on-board supporting me through this incredible … Read More

Coconut Vanilla Gummies

So the obsession with gelatin gummies continues! But when searching for a different recipe, I wanted some variation on the fruit theme, partly for aesthetics (look how pretty the red and white look together in the pic!) and partly to … Read More

My Favourite Toxin Free Makeup

Toxins are an inevitable part of our lifestyle today. They can be found hiding in our air, water and just about every other manufactured product we use in and around our home. In my experience as a health coach, it … Read More

Healthy Choc Mint Slice

I find that whenever I am following some type of dietary protocol, I get inspired to create new things in the kitchen, things that suit whatever dietary restrictions I might be subjected to. Lately I’ve noticed my digestion is a … Read More

Autoimmune friendly coconut raspberry "cheesecake"

Autoimmune Friendly Coconut-Berry “Cheesecake”

Many of my clients come to me with autoimmune conditions such as MS, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hashimotos to name a few. It’s so rewarding watching their chronic long-term symptoms diminish over time and a large part of this improvement … Read More

Healing From 25 Years of Fibromyalgia & IBS

  My name is Carol Dunbar and I am 61 years old. I came to see Sarah on the advice of my Daughter who is in the Fitness Industry and studies Health and Well Being. I have suffered with Fibromyalgia … Read More

Gut & Thyroid Healing Drink

This healing elixir is something I am increasingly recommending to every single client that I see, particularly my female clients. When I first started working with clients, I focussed primarily on the adrenals and looking at ways to nurture the … Read More

Flourless chocolate cake

Flourless Salted Chocolate Cake

I had some friends over for dinner on Friday night so it was the perfect time to experiment with something decadent. There were a few dietary requirements (hey, it’s me after all) so I was looking for something that was … Read More