My Favourite Toxin Free Makeup

Toxins are an inevitable part of our lifestyle today. They can be found hiding in our air, water and just about every other manufactured product we use in and around our home. In my experience as a health coach, it is rare to come across a client who isn’t suffering with a sluggish detoxification system in some way and based on the environmental toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis it is no great surprise.

Most people that come to see me can see the benefits in reducing toxic foods from their diet, thus eliminating some of the toxic burden they are carrying. Water is another area that there is a lot of awareness around with most people possessing a simple water filter to at the very least eliminate chlorine. However when I start to talk about all of the other areas in and around the home that contain toxins I am sometimes met with some resistance. Making changes to all the areas in the house that contain toxic products that we use in and on our skin and body requires significant change and usually money too.

In my experience the area that presents the greatest resistance is makeup. There are a few reasons for this. Most women have invested a significant amount of money in their personal make up collection and have a daily routine that they are committed to maintaining. In addition to this, a lot of “low toxin” and “natural” products don’t perform in the same way, producing lacklustre results. What most women don’t know is that most beautifully packaged make up products contain all sorts of chemical compounds that are found in other products of manufacture such as petroleum, anti freeze and more. The prolonged use of these products have been linked to everything from skin and lung problems to cancer!

About 5 years ago I committed to eliminating all toxic products from my home, starting in the kitchen with cook ware and working my way slowly through all of the other areas of the home. The last to change was my makeup. I found a foundation and concealer that I liked as well as a bronzer but continued to use my conventional mascara and eye shadow because I’d tried a few of the more natural products on the market and had found them to be far inferior to the ones I was using.

I happened upon Eye of Horus one day while browsing through cosmetics at a local pharmacy and decided to give their natural mascara a go. I was immediately hooked. It worked just like the $100 mascaras I had invested in until this point. It was sufficiently dark, lengthening and separating without clumping or smudging. The best bit, I wasn’t dredging questionable toxins across my lashes.

After this I continued to use my conventional eye shadow, eyeliner etc until I happened upon the Eye of Horus shadows on another browsing session at a pharmacy. This was way too good to be true, it had the EXACT shade of chocolate/brown that I had been paying a fortune for. This was the turning point for me and after some further website investigation I found that Eye of Horus produced all the eye make-up products that I required in a high quality non toxic form. This Australian cosmetics brand has based their all natural formulas on those of the ancient Egyptians and contain many natural and sacred ingredients including the revered Organic Moringa Oil which is also known as the “Oil of the Pharaohs”.

My current favourites that I use daily are as per below

Black Goddess Mascara
eye of horus mascara
Maat Dark Temptress Shadow Palette
Brow Define Husk
Charcoal Obsidian Goddess Pencil

I’ve already explained why I love the mascara and eyeshadow and once I tried the eyeliner there was no question of reverting to something else. The pencil is the perfect tool for smokey eyes as well as for my daily more subtle eye line. I only recently added in the brow pencil and it works perfectly to create the even depth of coverage I’m looking for in a brow pencil with a brush to neaten out any stray hairs.

I can honestly say that these clean products are superior to the conventional products I had been investing in for so many years. I’m so glad I found Eye of Horus.


  1. NatMed

    Love this read! Do you find you can buy many of these products in Perth?

  2. Sarah Hopkins

    Hi NatMed, I buy all of this online as I found it hard to find stockists.

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