A Message From My Gut


Wanted to share this funny email from a darling client of mine, cleverly written in the third person from the perspective of her gut. Her name has been changed to protect her anonymity.

I can’t tell you how glad I am that Sue came to see you about me. I have been so much happier and have felt really calm and settled for like 5 weeks now! As you know, before Sue saw you I was really irritable and frustrated and it made me blow up in anger most days. Sue was used to it so I can’t be too upset about that. She has made some really positive changes to what and how much she feeds me and it’s made a whole lot of difference.

She wanted me to let you know that she’s nearly completely come off her anti-depressants after 9 years!! She’s still on the bloody anti-biotic but half the dose and her skin is looking pretty good. But like you said, small steps. Best of all, she hasn’t smoked for 5 weeks now and drinks booze like, once or twice a week!! I must admit though, I’m getting a little nervous cause she just finished uni for the year and summer is coming. BUT, she seems really committed to keeping us both happy which I am totally happy about so I’m not toooooo worried.

So, from the bottom of my belly I wanted to thank you for motivating Sue to get me sorted. We’re both so much happier. I’m also loving the gelatine and that probiotic you recommended her.

Anypoo (#4), that’s all from me.

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