Coconut Vanilla Gummies

So the obsession with gelatin gummies continues! But when searching for a different recipe, I wanted some variation on the fruit theme, partly for aesthetics (look how pretty the red and white look together in the pic!) and partly to … Read More

Paleo Lime Tart

This lime tart is so delicious and surprisingly easy to make. I have always shied away from any Paleo recipe that requires a shortcrust pastry, thinking it would be near impossible to create it without the traditional ingredients. I was … Read More

Guilt Free Banoffee Pie

So this recipe was inspired by my autoimmune berry cheesecake. As I’ve shared in recent posts, my latest dietary limitation includes many delicious things like dates and honey so that cake was off limits (I’m currently eating low FODMAP). I … Read More

Healthy Choc Mint Slice

I find that whenever I am following some type of dietary protocol, I get inspired to create new things in the kitchen, things that suit whatever dietary restrictions I might be subjected to. Lately I’ve noticed my digestion is a … Read More

6 ingredient salted chocolate caramel slices

Salted Chocolate Caramel Slices

One of my clients sent me this recipe the other day and I immediately knew I had to make it..I totally LOVE anything sweet & salty, especially salted caramel. What I loved most about this particular recipe is that it … Read More

Goat Curry & Dairy Free Raita

Baby goat is such a fantastic protein to work with. Many may not have not tried it but it’s so delicious and when cooked well, can make an impressive dish. I bought some diced goat from the Venison Farm in … Read More

I Am Happy to Get My Health Back

  “I was a patient of Sarah for 4 weeks. I suffer from multiple health issues and have difficulty in daily life. I was looking for treatment for my frozen shoulder, and by fluke (fortunately) because of my son’s interest … Read More

Autoimmune friendly coconut raspberry "cheesecake"

Autoimmune Friendly Coconut-Berry “Cheesecake”

Many of my clients come to me with autoimmune conditions such as MS, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hashimotos to name a few. It’s so rewarding watching their chronic long-term symptoms diminish over time and a large part of this improvement … Read More

Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies

I love sweet potato and have been thinking for a while now that I want to start experimenting with them for dessert. So when a friend invited me over for dinner I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try … Read More

Guest Post by Jeremy Princi – Coconut Yoghurt

My partner is the BEST at fermenting foods, actually he’s pretty amazing in all aspects of the kitchen which is good news for me.  I’ve been enjoying the fruits of his labour for some time but my absolute favourite is … Read More