My Healthy Christmas Lunch – Dessert

This dessert is slightly less “healthy” than I would normally advocate but hey, it’s Christmas! Sometimes you have to live a little!! I will provide some alternatives to the conventional recipe which comes from Delicious magazine.  I had to post the front cover of this mag because the slice is featured and looks sooo delicious.  This is the perfect summer dessert on Christmas day or any other special event you may be hosting and it’s super easy to prepare.  Enjoy!


Dessert – Berry & Meringue Ice Cream Slice 


350g mixed berries (such as raspberries, strawberries etc. Frozen is ok however fresh is sweeter.  Half the strawberries)

600 ml of thickened organic cream

2 tbs of coconut sugar ( you can also substitute with Xylitol or Honey but it may affect consistency slightly with the honey)

2 tsp vanilla extract

50g store bought mini meringues broken into chunks OR slivered almonds for texture and less sweetness.

Honey to serve


Grease a 1.5L loaf pan.  Line with plastic wrap leaving plenty overhanging.

Drop some of the berries into the loaf pan (these will form the top of the slice).

Whip cream with sweetener of choice and vanilla to just before soft peaks, fold in meringue and remaining berries.

Pour into pan, giving it a shake to remove any air bubbles then cover with overhanging plastic wrap.

Freeze for 3 hours until frozen.

Remove from freezer at least 20 mins before serving (less if you live in Perth ;-))

Pile extra berries on top and drizzle with honey, slice and serve.



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