The Truth About Milk


Today I want to share some information with you that has completely changed the way I look at and consume dairy products, especially milk.

Milk is so much a part of our day to day lives and until recently, I was drinking quite a lot of milk on a daily basis.  I had skim milk in my flat white every morning, skim milk in my protein shake and over my cereal (I will explain in future posts why these things are no longer part of my daily routine)

It wasn’t until recently that I learned that the milk that we buy from the supermarket today bears little resemblance to the vital healthy product it once was.  Today the standard milk we all drink  is highly processed, devoid of nutrition and in some cases, causing the digestive and allergic conditions that are so common with many people around dairy products these days.

Today, all commercially produced milk must be pasteurized and homogenised before it can be sold to us for consumption.  Pasteurisation means heating the milk to around 71 degrees celcius in order to kill all of the bacteria that could potentially cause disease.  Ironically this heating process kills all of the healthy enzymes and bacteria that exist in the milk and have been shown to improve the immune system, help develop healthy bacteria in the intestines as well as reduce the risk of everything from respiratory disease to obesity.

Cows are designed to graze in naturally growing green grass pastures so that they can produce rich, healthy milk.  Instead, these days, they are often kept in dark sheds and fed corn and grains which is difficult for their complex digestive system to assimilate.  Because of this, their unnatural diet needs to be supplemented with antibiotics to prevent disease.

If you love milk, always look for raw, full cream, organically raised and pasture fed milk.  This milk not only contains healthy bacteria for your gut, but is significantly easier for the body to digest, meaning if you have lactose intolerance, this may disappear after consuming raw dairy.

It’s illegal to consume raw milk in Australia so it is sold as “bathing milk”.  So I stock up on my “Cleopatra’s Bath Milk” and use it for all of my dairy needs.

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