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Healthy baked custard

Healthy Baked Custard

  This recipe is from one of my all time favourite books Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  A good friend of mine made it a year ago and although I loved it, it tasted so amazing and delicious I assumed that … Read More

Yummy Coconut Flour Pancakes

When your favourite things in the world are deemed by some people to be a little bit crazy or extreme, it’s really nice to find like minded individuals who share your passions and interests.  Recently I have been fortunate enough … Read More

Real Ice Cream

I love ice cream as much as the next person and in summer time, there’s no better dessert.  Unfortunately the modern day version is filled with all sorts of nasty ingredients, thing such as gluten, glycerol monostearate, polysorbate and sodium … Read More


The Truth About Milk

Today I want to share some information with you that has completely changed the way I look at and consume dairy products, especially milk. Milk is so much a part of our day to day lives and until recently, I … Read More