Real Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream

I love ice cream as much as the next person and in summer time, there’s no better dessert.  Unfortunately the modern day version is filled with all sorts of nasty ingredients, thing such as gluten, glycerol monostearate, polysorbate and sodium citrate to name a few.  I don’t know about you but I prefer my ice cream without anti – freeze.

A close friend of mine recently gave me an ice cream maker so I started to experiment with some good old fashioned ice cream recipes.  It turns out that the old school ice cream recipes consisted of little more than cream, sugar and eggs and whatever flavour was required or desired.

The recipe I feature below is straight from one of the healthiest and most natural cookbooks I know Nourishing Traditions. The recipe is made with whole food ingredients and although it is sweetened it is gluten and sugar free.  It’s vanilla because that’s my favourite but you can experiment with flavour combinations as well as additions of chocolate, fruit or nuts.  All you need is good quality organic ingredients and an ice cream machine.


Delicious Real Ice Cream
Real Ice Cream in Motion

Vanilla Ice Cream

3 cups of good quality double cream (preferably raw but definitely not ultrapasteurized)

½ cup of real  maple syrup

2 T  vanilla essence

1 T arrowroot

3 egg yolks

Beat egg yolks and blend in remaining ingredients. Process according to your ice cream machine’s instructions.


The great thing about this ice cream is that due to the richness of the ingredients, you don’t need much to feel satisfied.  Give the recipe a try and let me know how you go.

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