Heavy Menstrual Periods & Unbearable Pain

I initially reached out to Sarah so that she could help me with my fertility issues.  From my first meeting with Sarah, I was immediately at ease and felt that Sarah was genuinely invested in helping me to achieve my goals.  Sarah managed to help me with so much more.  There were aspects of my life that I didn’t even think I could improve.  My whole life I suffered through every menstrual cycle.  I heavily medicated myself for days during menstruation and experienced very heavy bleeding and the passing of clots.  The pain was unbearable.  I thought this was normal.  It wasn’t.  Within only a few weeks of working with Sarah, all of these symptoms went away.  I no longer need to take pain relief when menstruating and my bleeding is much lighter, a healthier colour with an absence of clots.

Working with Sarah has allowed me to implement life long changes to what I eat and how I look after myself.  Not only has my menstrual cycle improved, but I also sleep so much better and have so much more energy than what I use to have.  I am no longer lethargic throughout the day, my skin has improved and I do not have any sugar cravings whatsoever.

I found Sarah to be intelligent and empathetic.  She is so knowledgeable, down to earth and incredibly passionate about helping women live a better life. I highly recommend Sarah, working with her has been one of the best investments that I have made.

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