Finally, I’ve found trust and am at peace with what optimal health looks like for me

I came to see Sarah when I was 10 years into my health journey. Over this time I have participated in many health protocols and have seen many functional medical practitioners (to the equivalent of $10,000-15,000).

Whilst I value these experiences it had left me feeling very anxious and confused about what to eat, when to eat and what worked best for me. In our first session, Sarah validated my health knowledge and everything I had learnt up to this point and we got straight to work on helping me to find a sense of trust and peace around optimal health looks like for me.

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to finally work with a health coach who has held space for me to explore, experiment and find what works for me without the judgement and shaming that has coincided with my previous healthcare interactions. It truly has been such a privelage to work with Sarah and I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking to learn about what optimal health looks like for them with a lot of fun, laughs, and meaningful conversations along the way.

Abbie xo

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