Healthy and Sustainable Shopping – Farmer’s Markets

The colourful City Farm in East Perth

Quality food is one of my top priorities in life.  I believe it is vitally important to nourish our bodies with clean organic whole foods to ensure health and vitality.  Unfortunately, this means I spend a significant proportion of my income on food on a weekly basis.  Now that I am working for myself and my income is a little less regular than it was when I was employed nine to five, I want to make sure that I can still nourish myself adequately whilst at the same time getting food that is good value for money.  Enter the Farmer’s Markets.  They are filled with organic, direct from the farm, fresh food at prices considerably more affordable than some supermarket.


Some organically grown vegetables at City Farm

But more than just personal economics is at play when you are shopping at your local farmer’s market.  An important part of buying local is the ability to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables when they are in season in your area. Although today’s global marketplace allows us to buy foods grown virtually anywhere in the world all year round, these options are not sustainable.

Colourful produce

By purchasing your local foods in-season, you reduce the environmental damage caused by shipping foods thousands of miles, your food dollar goes directly to the farmer.  In addition to this, eating seasonally means getting the freshest possible food with a much higher nutrient profile than something that has been stored and/or shipped for a long period of time.  Seasonal foods are also not expensive because it doesn’t cost the earth to produce them at a time when they shouldn’t be available ideally. Seasonal foods are cheaper to produce and hence, cheaper to buy as well.

Fresh produce

Finally eating seasonally is honouring how our ancestors ate and honouring some of their traditions of good health.  By eating what is growing locally, we are eating what is appropriate for that season, warming food for winter and cooling food for summer.  It re connects us to the cycle that nature intended for us and helps us to become more of a natural being, rather than one who is ruled by the whims of a supermarket.

Beautiful fresh seasonal veges

Finally and most importantly, by supporting local organic farmers, you are supporting people who are nourishing the planet and protecting our environment.  Organic and biodynamic farming creates healthy soil which is the foundation for a healthy planet.

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