With Sarah’s help we conceived naturally in our first month back trying!

I started seeing Sarah (who was recommended to me by a friend) after an ectopic pregnancy and multiple chemical pregnancies. 


I was doing IVF to bank embryos as I was told my AMH was also very low (<2) and told if I wanted more than 1 child this is what I should do.


I did 3 rounds and it wasn’t going well (1/0/2embryos). I was an emotional wreck and main stream was not doing it for me, It was clear there was an issue with my egg quality. 


Sarah sorted out my hormones, got me back on track and we took a break TTC for the rest of 2022.


We conceived naturally in January 2023, the first month of trying again and now have a healthy happy 3 month old. 


I also had the easiest pregnancy, not 1 minute of morning sickness or nausea and I’m sure I have sarah to thank for that.


If you are having any health issues I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough. 


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