Metabolic Health 101


It’s warming up here in Perth and for some it’s a reminder to take better care of ourselves in readiness for the warmer months ahead.  For me, how my body looks and feels is most important in the context of health but I know for some, health takes a backseat to the goal of shifting some weight that might have crept on during the long winter months.  The good news is, the two go hand in hand. That is to say, if you focus on really getting body into a state of health, the likelihood is you will improve metabolic function, ultimately leading to a reduction in weight win/win!

So today I thought I’d share the top 5 things you can do to improve your metabolic health and lose weight.

1. Eat regularly. This is the number one thing I see people doing wrong when they’re trying to lose weight, they eat less regularly.  When we don’t eat regularly or we intentionally fast, we will increase our production of stress hormones (which suppresses appetite and makes us feel energised) and decrease our metabolic function. In the long run we will be more likely to store body fat than burn it.
2. Eat protein and carbs.  Again, most people these days will restrict one or both of these macronutrients when they’re trying to lose weight.  Carbohydrates are so important for the healthy function of our thyroid gland which is basically our metabolic engine.  Ensuring we are combining carbohydrates with protein will keep our blood sugar stable and keep our metabolic system running well.
3. Drink less. This one sucks, I know but it’s one of the fastest ways to improve metabolic function.  Alcohol slows liver function which can interfere with metabolic processes. It’s also estrogenic which has a fat storing affect on our bodies. I could literally write a whole newsletter all about the impact of booze on our health but to keep it brief – it blocks fat burning and promotes fat storage so skipping it is best for weight loss.
4. Move mindfully. When most people think about losing weight they immediately think about increasing exercise. Whilst this can be beneficial for some, for most it can actually hamper the process. In fact, I recently helped a lovely client lose 21kg and she didn’t exercise at all.  Unless diet and stress are dialled in, over exercising can actually promote fat storage too (because it encourages cortisol). Sometimes walking is enough.
5. Be patient. I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of people over the last nearly 10 years and most people will lose half a kilo per week. Long term, sustainable weight loss takes time. If it comes off quickly, guess what? It will come back on that way too.  That’s why it’s a great idea to start before the height off summer is upon us.

Hope this provides some inspiration to get healthier in time for summer. If you’re interested in talking to me about how to do this, book in for your initial consult here.

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