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I’ve been geeking out over all things health for about 20 years now, actually maybe even longer.  I remember as a young girl, somehow acquiring a scoby and making (mostly unsuccessfully) kombucha!  For the last 8 years or so though, most of my self-education has come through podcasts. I’ve clocked up so many hours in that time listening to all things health, wellness, spirituality and lately irreverence.

So, I thought I’d share my top podcasts for you here so you can listen, learn, expand, laugh and enjoy.  And what’s great about podcasts (and audio books for that matter) is that you can listen to them while you’re doing other things like commuting, walking, exercising, cleaning etc.  I hope this list brings you some inspo!


Underground Wellness – this one is no longer running, it was actually one of the very first health podcasts, even podcasts I think.  You can still subscribe though and work your way through every single amazing episode and I think they’re all really relevant.

Revolution Health Radio – Chris Kresser is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and an absolute fountain of knowledge.  Tip, listen to this on 1.5 speed as his voice is a bit shall we say relaxing 😉

Cabral Concept – Dr Stephen Cabral is an amazing functional medicine doctor and I love his integration of Ayurveda. You may need to turn the speed down on this one, Stephen talks fast.

Balanced Bites – These two ladies are also an old school podcast.  They are both nutrition and wellness experts and one is even a CHEK practitioner which I love.  Their banter is fun too.

Broad New World – This is my most recent obsession.  Nick Broadhurst is a CEO and musician and so not your typical wellness “expert” but he has dedicated his life to the pursuit of being better and has so many tips and tricks for self-improvement.


The Lively Show – If you’ve been subscribed to my newsletter for a while you will know I’m sort of obsessed with Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction well this podcast is all about it.  Self-confessed Abrahamster, Jess takes what can be a challenging concept and breaks it down into easy bite-sized pieces.  Plus listening to her just lifts my mood.

Wayne Dyer – Who doesn’t love Wayne Dyer? This is just excerpts from his radio show where he answers caller questions.  His level of love, compassion, and guidance are second to none and I learn something relevant every time I listen.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations – Do I really need to say anymore? It’s Oprah plus some pretty awesome interviewees.  Get your tissues out.

Soul Doctor – If you’re into a bit more of the WOO WOO then this is the one for you.  Rebecca Dettman covers everything from witchcraft to aliens and everything in between.  She packs some serious punch in her delivery though and it’s just so interesting and original, I dare you to listen.

Goop – This is Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest addition to her growing media empire.  I was reluctant at first but I have to admit I’m hooked and so far all the episodes have been incredible.  Start with her interview with Oprah, it is NEXT LEVEL…also, GP doesn’t do most of the interviewing so for some people that might be a good thing 😉


No Filter – My bestie Amanda put me on to this podcast and I’ve nearly binged all of them.  Mia Freedman is a wonderful interviewer, no question is off topic and people open up in a way that is not common.  I love the diversity of people she talks to as well.  This one is a MUST.

Mamamia Outloud – This is one is totally irreverent and is my go-to if I’m feeling a bit flat or meh…it always makes me smile and sometimes even laugh out loud.  It’s a commentary of whatever is topical for that week so it’s great to keep up to date with.

I haven’t hyperlinked to these podcasts because the best way to find them is to go to your favourite podcast app (iTunes for Apple, my preference is called Downcast) and search for the names mentioned.  Mamamia has it’s own podcast app so that’s your best bet too.

Please let me know if you listen to and love/hate any of my recommendations.  I love to hear from you guys.

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