Yoga Alchemy

I have to confess, I am somewhat of a sporadic Yogi. I was once a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, rising religiously at 5am to ensure I was on my mat and ready for my daily practice at 6am.  I did this for close to 2 years in my 20s, inspired by a few of my Yogi friends.  I look back fondly on those days, it was such a beautiful and rewarding way to start the day and I learned a lot about myself, both physically and mentally.

Nowadays, Yoga is something that I do occasionally.  It could be for a sweat (Bikram) or to attend a workshop held by someone truly inspiring or even if I am up in Ubud but it is not part of my weekly routine and it is not regular enough.  So I was pretty excited when I heard about Yoga Alchemy opening up in Northbridge.  I was keen to incorporate more regular Yoga in to my routine but not ready to dive back in to the intensity and commitment required of Ashtanga Yoga.  Owner/Operator Mandy Noga explained that the classes were all guided which was exactly what I was looking for.  In addition to this, the classes only run for 60 mins which is the perfect amount of time to fit in to my busy schedule.

Walking in to the beautiful space of Yoga Alchemy, I was instantly taken with the energy Mandy has created in the room.  Situated upstairs with large windows overlooking William & Francis Streets, the space is light, warm and inviting.  My favourite feature is the amazing Ganesh feature light that illuminates the corner of the room.

Class times vary from day to day but morning classes start at 7am which is a perfect fit for my lifestyle.  My first class was a rainy Wednesday morning and parking was a breeze.  I was unsure what to expect from this guided class, would it be vinyasa focussed or more static?  Challenging or easy?  Amanda’s teaching style put me at ease immediately, as she gently and lovingly offered variations of each posture to suit her students’ varying skill levels.  I completed the class feeling that happy stillness that comes from a great practice.  I’m looking forward to incorporating Yoga in to my weekly routine more often, especially now that I can come to Yoga Alchemy.

Check out the website for all the class information here


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