I have such a better understanding of my hormones and overall health

I started seeing Sarah earlier this year as part of my fertility journey. By the time I had started seeing Sarah I had already been trying to conceive for 3+ years and was in the early stages of commencing IVF.

After many years of running around in circles with numerous doctors, fertility and women’s health specialists, dieticians, and alternative methods I decided that I would reach out to Sarah as essentially my last attempt to try to get some worthwhile information and some help with understanding my own body. Sarah was a breath of fresh air right from the beginning and I knew after the first session with Sarah I had found someone I could trust and easily connect with.

After working with Sarah for a few months I have gained so much more knowledge and understanding of the way my eating habits impact my hormones and my fertility, and I have also established some really solid routines and practices after following Sarah’s advice. In the past I have struggled to remain consistent or to ‘trust the process’, but with Sarah’s advice it’s very easy to remain consistent as you can actually see and feel the results of the changes she is implementing.

Sarah explains things in a way that is easy to understand, and if you want more info Sarah is happy to provide it to you, but it’s never in a way that is overwhelming or confusing which is something I personally really appreciated. Sarah doesn’t just focus on food and diet, but rather a holistic approach to general health and wellbeing, so for me it really helped me understand how everything works together in harmony.

My overall lifestyle has improved as a result of the things Sarah has taught me, and although I am not pregnant yet I know that I can head into my next round of fertility treatments with so much more confidence as I have such a better overall understanding of my hormones and my overall health. I would definitely recommend seeing Sarah  to anyone who is willing to learn and be open minded to a holistic approach. I look forward to seeing Sarah again when I am in the next stage of my journey.

Thank you once again x



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