All my endometriosis and IBS symptoms have resolved!

I came to see Sarah because I had unbearable pain constantly in my stomach and was told by many many doctors that it was just IBS and endometriosis and the only fix was medications and surgeries which I didn’t want. I wanted to find a lifestyle to stick to and be able to enjoy my life pain free. I suffered from constant bloating after eating anything, chronic migraines, anaemia, always nauseated, unable to control my stress and mental state, needed to sleep for a few hours during the day, extremely painful periods to the point of throwing up and passing out and they went for up to 2 weeks being extremely heavy, plus a lot more.  I got recommended to see Sarah by family friends that had amazing results.

Sarah helped me make changes not only to what I ate but also to what times I ate and even how much. I now eat a lot more (over 1800 calories) and feel so much better for it. We also covered loads of other things like sleep, toxins in personal care products and sunlight and now I sleep completely through the night meaning I wake up with so much more energy, my cycle is now regular and I have pretty much zero pain when it comes to that time of the month, plus no more PMS symptoms.

I have a better relationship with food, no more bloating ever, more energy, better ability to focus, a better ability to control my emotions without getting overwhelmed, and overall calmer mind, never experience headaches or neck tension, no more nausea, balanced hormones, no more anaemia, able to play so much more, this has benefited me in every single aspect of my life.

I tell everyone about working with Sarah, it has changed my life and now I have the skills to stay healthy forever, it takes hard work to stay consistent as it is easy to fall off depending on your mind set but having Sarah guide you and help you through all times of the day anything is possible, she is just like talking to a best friend that actually knows what they are talking about. Sarah will push you for the better and make you the happiest and healthiest you can be. You are never just another client to her, she genuinely cares and wants you to not come back because you will be healed by the end of your time together which is very different to most doctors as they want you to keep coming back with more problems. if you want to start a new lifestyle that you can stick to forever you’d be silly not to go see her.


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