Sarah made our fertility wishes come true!

After failed round of IVF and then a miscarriage at 7 weeks I decided to book an appointment with Sarah who I had been following on Instagram since the beginning of my IVF journey after listening to her on a podcast.

Our first session with Sarah was so positive and reassuring we left feeling very confident that she was able to help us reach our dream of having a family.

Sarah looked at our diet and lifestyle and recommended changes we could make to help support our IVF journey. She would always explain why these changes were important and how they would benefit us.

We started off changing one thing each time we saw her so it wasn’t too overwhelming to begin with. My partner and I found this very helpful and made the changes easy to follow and maintain. Sarah was also very supportive in-between our session if we had any questions.

After 3 months of support and guidance from Sarah we decided to start another cycle of IVF. Successfully transferring a grade 1 embryo and getting another two embryos in the freezer we were absolutely delighted!

I firmly believe all our lifestyle and diet changed contributed massively to our success in this round of IVF. I’m currently 18weeks pregnant and I’m so grateful to Sarah for helping us to get here.

I would 100% recommend Sarah to anyone struggling with fertility she has made our dream come true.

Danielle and Chris xx

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