I’m Pregnant and So Much Healthier

I came to see Sarah after my 3rd round of IVF had failed – I was referred to Sarah from someone that had highly recommended her. I was devastated and couldn’t understand what was wrong with me and why it wasn’t working. I had a great egg collection and fantastic looking embryos. I was a healthy person, I ate well (thought I did) & exercised. I had endo removed twice before and I knew that it was back as my period barely existed and I had serious constipation before my period. Working with Sarah I adjusted my diet to work out what foods were really inflammatory to me and what portions I should be eating & that I should have actually been eating more food! After a couple of weeks I couldn’t believe it – I was bouncing out of bed, I had energy throughout the day, sleeping well and my stress and anxiety levels had completely reduced. Sarah was really hoping I would now be able to fall pregnant naturally but unfortunately my partner works fifo and the time never lined up properly. It was several months after adjusting my diet that I had my next round of IVF and I am so happy to say that was successful – food truly is medicine and Sarah’s help made this happen. I have had some nausea, nothing horrible (no throwing up) and I am putting this down to eating what my body needs & wants and not upsetting it. Sarah is such a warm & caring person who truly only wants the best for every client. I have & will continue to refer my friends & family to Sarah as she has truly made a difference to my health.

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