Healed From Endometriosis, Digestive Issues and Lost 7kg

Prior to seeing Sarah I struggled with my immune system, regular sinusitis, poor gut health, skin issues, fluid retention, bloating, PCOS and had pre-cancerous cells removed from my cervix, and I am sure there are other things I have forgotten. I reached out to Sarah post-surgery for endometriosis, as I still had pelvic pain. I am so glad that I did! I will admit I was sceptical about whether she would be able to help. Previously I had seen numerous medical professionals including natural health practitioners. In the past I was lucky if my health appeared to improve but it was usually short lived. It was exhausting and disheartening.


Fairly quickly Sarah helped me identify that there were some foods including a few vegetables that my body was not responding well to as well as helped me with other holistic lifestyle changes. I was surprised how quickly my body positively responded to the changes!


Some of the benefits I have had from seeing Sarah are: dramatic improvement in my digestion and gut health, having minimal pelvic pain, no longer have PCOS symptoms, skin glows and is clearer, improved sleep and energy levels and losing 7kgs without even trying. Sarah is super thorough, supportive and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend working with Sarah!!

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  1. Nikky cooper

    I’m struggling with endometriosis I’ve had one ovary removed four years ago and it’s started getting really bad again lately my bowels are a nightmare with it too I know there’s no medic cure so thought holistic maybe the answer ? I live in the Uk I’m currently on my second day or my period and have been in agony since yesterday morning my bowels are completely empty now which always seems a big symptom for me when it gets bad 😩 can you help

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