I Finally Feel Balanced

I was laying in bed late one night in frustration and stress about my gut health. I had tried many ways to follow a balanced lifestyle but as a result turned to be tiring and repetitive from restrictive calorie counting, weighing food to eating foods that constantly left me feeling miserable (even fruits and vegetables). I honestly had enough and knew I needed to get my health on track. That night I booked myself in for a consultation and committed to her guidance immediately. I initially came to her for a long term result rather than a quick fix. After all, this is my health.

Week by week throughout our catchup’s, I began feeling balanced and believing that you can have a lifestyle while enjoying food. My symptoms reduced from minimal to almost none. My gut has been better than ever, in addition, my hormones are WAY more balanced, my skin looks and feels healthier, my moods to my surprise has increased my energy levels and patience. Looking at it as a whole, I couldn’t believe how many kinds of food my gut was rejecting. I now know what to eat continuously and in moderation. I am honestly very thankful to finally have answers after 10 years of being diagnosed with IBS. My relationship with food is healthy and enjoyable!

Why Sarah? She’s human. She shares great recommendations that are easy and simple to follow. As well as her past experiences and knowledge with patience and confidence. I really liked that. A woman who’s prepared to take a challenge in guiding others for a better and happier lifestyle. In addition, sharing many laughs and kind words. Purely focusing on You as an individual, not another number. She assured me we will get it sorted…and so it did.

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