Lost Weight, Energy Levels Skyrocketed and Hormones Now Balanced

I’ve struggled with my weight and hormones (I have PCOS) for many years. I wanted to lose a bit of stubborn weight and improve my energy levels and mood as well as get my body in top condition ready for pregnancy.
Before I met with Sarah, I already knew quite a bit about healthy food choices and what I “should” be eating, however I struggled with the amount of information (and sometimes contradicting information) available online. I decided to get in touch with Sarah as I had read so many fantastic recommendations about her helping with fertility and hormones, and whilst my primary aim (for now) isn’t falling pregnant – my issues are related to hormones, so I knew her advice would be what I needed to hear.

Sarah makes you feel like a friend whilst coaching you through what changes you need to make to your lifestyle. My coaching sessions feel like a catch up with a (highly knowledgable) girlfriend chatting about food, exercise and sleeping (you will learn how important that is if you don’t already know), rather then an impersonal lecture on what you shouldn’t/should do. Her tailored advice and guidance has led me to make lifestyle and eating changes for the better. I’ve lost weight, my energy levels have skyrocketed, mood improved and my hormones are far more balanced then they have ever been. I still have changes to make, and its a work in progress, but I wouldn’t have done it without the reassurance and expert advice from Sarah.

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