A low histamine diet and Sarah’s recommendations have cleared my eczema and balanced my hormones!

When I came to see Sarah I was suffering from bad eczema on my arm and hands. the eczema was very swollen and irritating.  I also suffered with imbalanced hormones but wasn’t aware of this until seeing and speaking with you. I had suffered from eczema most my life and new it was something more then a steroid cream could ever fix.

I started on a low histamine diet as my body was very inflamed and was the main cause of my eczema. we removed all gluten, dairy, grains, seed oils and most fruits and vegetables having a very basic meat and potato diet which helped reduce inflammation and benefitted my skin. From that I was taught what foods worked for me and what foods didn’t work so well. I continue to learn this while incorporating foods back into my diet. this has helped clear majority of my eczema and lowered the inflammation in my body. I also started having more cold showers and ocean swims, this helped heal my sores on my arm and hands and also lowered the inflammation from the cold therapy.

Sarah has taught me how easy it can be to understand my menstrual cycle and what i thought isn’t normal is actually normal to a lot of women, it’s just the knowledge i didn’t have that made me believe it’s not normal. I’ve learnt to control my stress, anxiety and emotions during my period and what’s expected leading up to it. Controlling my stress has including writing my thoughts and feelings down, and understanding when I’m going to be higher in stress and with my emotions during my cycle. i can now acknowledge that and understand my thoughts and feelings. This has benefitted my relationships and friendships as knowing who to surround myself during the harder times.

I am recommending Sarah to anyone who is interested in long term changes as I know these changes will affect the rest of my life. Sarah, you are a caring and nurturing person who makes it a safe and secure space to be able to talk about absolutely anything and know you’re always going to give confident and positive advice back. I would recommend you to anyone that was struggling with issues you could help and is committed to solve the problem

– Hannah

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