Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I think the most common question I get asked by clients, friends and family alike is “what can I eat for breakfast?”   As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m not a fan of grains in any capacity as they cause a lot of gastrointestinal dysfunction as well as stimulate insulin. So taking out everyone’s beloved breakfast staples of cereals, fruit and toast – what else is there?

I think it’s important to structure every meal with healthy portions of protein, fat and carbs and breakfast is no different.  In fact, why should breakfast look any different to lunch and dinner? It certainly wouldn’t have been different for our hunter/gatherer ancestors. Can you imagine them saving a few berries they found along the way for breakfast, and waiting until lunch time before eating whatever wild animal they had succesfully hunted that day?  It’s true we are not hunter/gatherers anymore but the truth is our genetic make up is still exactly the same…so what can we eat for breakfast that provides a healthier alternative to fruit, dairy and grains?

I’m a massive fan of meat & veges but I understand that this is not for everyone so below are some more ideas that will provide healthy sustainable energy and start the day off on a good note –

Eggs, eggs, eggs – eggs don’t need to have toast.  A field mushroom makes a great base for some poached or scrambled eggs.  Homemade pesto on top is great too.  An omelete with sauteed veges is great too. As is a frittata.

Smoothies – I’ve written about different ideas for smoothies here.  Smoothies are a great option if you are time poor, ideally some raw egg added in for protein is great and you don’t have to use pasteurised milk. Fresh young coconut, coconut milk, kefir, good quality yoghurt are all options.

Sausages or Pattys – make sure you source good quality grass fed organic meat here as these are fattier than other options but these can be a delicious and satisfying way to start the day.

Salmon – fried salmon with some lightly steamed veges or sauerkraut is one of my favourite things to eat for breakfast, in fact, I had it this morning.  Try for wild salmon rather than farmed (most salmon is unfortunately farmed and fed grains which means they are high in omega 6 & not going to deliver their supposed benefit of omega 3.  This salmon is also dyed pink to replicate the natural colour).

Paleo Muffins – You can try this recipe (pictured) or any variation.  Great warmed with some good quality butter.

Bone broth – this is a miracle food that not only nourishes all of your bones  & ligaments but also heals the gut.

Stew – one of my personal favourites, throw all of your ingredients into the slow cooker the night before and wake up to a warming, delicious “primal” breakfast.

There are many many other breakfast ideas which I will share in upcoming posts but hope this spices adds some more variety for your mornings.



  1. in-line bruslení

    Wonderful web site. Lots of useful information here.
    I’m sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious.
    And of course, thanks to your effort!

  2. Candice

    Thanks for all the great ideas.
    Breakfast is definitely the one meal of the day I struggle with for ideas.
    Any idea where to get wild salmon
    I’ve looked everywhere

  3. Sarah Hopkins

    Hey Candice, thanks for the feedback 🙂 I’m going to tackle the salmon “issue” in my next newsletter so if you haven’t already, subscribe on my blog page to receive my latest thoughts on it all!! xx

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