Healthy Chocolate Mousse Tarts

I am currently addicted to chocolate, or more specifically raw cacao.  The great thing about raw cacao is that it is an amazing super food which is high in magnesium, chromium, tryptophan and many other anti oxidants which makes it a great alternative to processed chocolate (even the 70%+ ones).

A friend of mine can honestly lay claim to the world’s best raw chocolate mousse cake and I have tried on numerous occasions to pry the recipe out of him to no avail…so I started doing my own research and it turns out there are quite a few recipes for raw chocolate mousse cake.  I’m a little fussy, ideally I prefer a sugar free recipe that utilizes the sweetness of fruit and potentially honey so that limits options somewhat.

It was on a recent trip to Sydney that I happened upon this recipe from an amazing blog with lots of recipes called My New Roots.  I have adapted it slightly to suit my needs/tastes.  It was a hit with my friends and family who ate it with gusto.  You could also freeze the tarts, which adds a smooth creaminess to the overall texture.

I couldn’t help but include this beautiful pic from My New Roots….it really tastes as delicious as this picture!!


Chocolate Mousse Tarts with Maple Walnut Crust
1 ½ cups organic walnuts
2 Tbsp. maple syrup
a pinch fine sea salt

Chocolate Avocado Mousse
4 ripe avocados
10 very soft dates

1 Tbsp coconut oil
4 Tbsp. raw honey
2 Tbsp. high-quality raw cacao powder (or cocoa powder if you don’t have the other)

1. Place walnuts in a food processor and pulse until chunky. Add the maple syrup and sea salt and pulse until the mixture is combined. (You can create a smoother crust by blending longer if you like, but in my experience leaving some chunks is a good idea to add contrast against the smooth chocolate pudding).
2. Get out a muffin pan. Scoop out a couple tablespoons of the walnut mixture at a time and press into the bottom of a muffin cup. Press firmly so that the walnut mixture is compact and holds together. You should be able to fill about 8 cups with the walnut crust. Refrigerate.
3. Finely chop the dates.
4. Cut open all the avocados and scoop them out into a clean food processor. Blend. Add the other ingredients and blend to incorporate.
5. Remove walnut crusts by running a knife around the perimeter to loosen, then lift out. If the crust breaks or becomes dented, simply press it back together once it’s out the mold.
6. Spoon a large dollop of avocado mouse on top of the crust base.

Enjoy with those you love!!

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  1. Mark

    Hi Shopkins

    These look absolutely delightful! I am going to try the recipe on the weekend.

    I love the idea of freezing them, not for storage, but for texture. What a wonderful and innovative idea!!!

    Thanks for your site; it’s such an inspirational place to get information on great food.

    Mark (WA)

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