Raw Chocolate Mousse

Healthy Sugar Free, Trans Fat Free White Christmas

There’s nothing more reminiscent of Christmas to me than White Christmas.  I remember as a child my grandma would always have some on hand during the festive season, along with rum balls and short bread.  But it was always the … Read More

Everything free chocolate treats

I am currently obsessed with these new chocolate – like treats.  I may have had 3 already today and it’s not even morning tea time..there are lots of raw chocolate recipes around these days and they are absolutely delicious but … Read More

Date Macadamia Cacao Balls

I’m going hiking in the Stirling Ranges this weekend.  It’s going to be cold and we will be expending a lot of energy climbing as many of the peaks as we can manage over 3 days.  One of my hiking … Read More

Rich and Delicious Chocolate Mousse

This recipe is similar to the Healthy Chocolate Mousse Tarts I posted a month or so but I made this chocolate mousse based on a recipe given to me by Jenny from Living Synergy.  It looked so amazing and delicious … Read More

Healthy Chocolate Mousse Tarts

I am currently addicted to chocolate, or more specifically raw cacao.  The great thing about raw cacao is that it is an amazing super food which is high in magnesium, chromium, tryptophan and many other anti oxidants which makes it … Read More