Detox Cleanse Retreat

So I finally took the plunge and left my comfortable corporate job to work for myself – in health & wellness! For the last 7 years I had been working as a State Sales Manager for Fairfax and it has been a great journey.  One of the most rewarding parts of my role there was working with my amazing team of sales people and that probably kept me there somewhat longer that I originally had planned.  Having said that, there is a comfort in doing something that you have been doing for a long time (not to mention the financial security that comes with it).

Because this new career is so different from the previous one I wanted to have a mini break between old & new. I decided a juice fast/cleanse down at Living Synergy Retreat was the perfect way to transition from one to the other.

I arrived down in Dunsborough on Saturday evening and we ate at Samudra as a “last supper”.  The following morning upon waking I was treated to my first of many green juices.  We drank this combination of celery, cucumber, silver beet, green apple, mint, lemon & ginger for 2 out of our 3 daily juices (breakfast & lunch).  Our evening juice sometimes consisted of beetroot, carrot, apple, ginger & lemon and sometimes just plain carrot which was my favourite. To assist with the cleanse, I also took Bentonite Clay & Psyllium husks which assists with the removal of waste from the colon I also took a daily dose of bone broth.  The gelatin in bone broth helps mitigate the release of stress hormones that can occur during a fast.

juice making in progress


The first day of the fast I found I was pretty hungry and after a long bush walk was definitely craving something more substantial than the green juice that I was drinking.  Day two was definitely the worst, I had a constant headache which surprised me as I don’t drink coffee on a daily basis and consider myself relatively clean.  Jen assured me this was normal and that I could be detoxing from a number of substances.  By day three I was feeling clean and clear and this continued to improve for the remainder of the time.

The finished product

The weather was pretty stormy so we took advantage of the fact by resting and relaxing inside most of the time.  We did do some long bush walks every other day which was good for the body and soul, however I was pretty happy to lay low most of the time reading, watching movies or meditating.

I finished the fast feeling cleaner, leaner and more still inside my mind.  I could feel that I had given myself & my digestive system a well needed break from all of the food and toxins that we are exposed to in daily life.


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