I Healed My Digestion & Now I’m Pregnant

I came to see Sarah after deciding that I needed to address some ongoing digestive issues and realising that being bloated after every meal was not normal, or something I wanted to put up with.   I had read about the success a mutual friend had had with Sarah so I finally bit the bullet and booked in my initial consultation.
The first change we made was to put me on a low FODMAP diet.  I had already cut out gluten and diary for a number of years, however Sarah was able to explain the reasons behind the FODMAP process and also set out a plan for each week to ensure the change in diet was achievable.  In 3 months I was able to get my bloating under control by identifying those foods that my body doesn’t agree with and with that brought more energy.  My sessions with Sarah have evolved from purely dietary/digestive focussed to incorporating good sleep practices and lifestyle changes, including switching out chemicals for low-tox products in the household which will benefit myself and my family.
I also fell pregnant a few months ago and Sarah was able to tailor my program and provide valuable input and advice, as she also specialises in healthy babies and fertility, which I didn’t know before I came to see her!
My first appointment was 6 months ago and I have achieved all the goals we set in the initial session and I have Sarah to thank for this.
Sarah is friendly, approachable, honest and very outcomes based.  She was able to provide the focussed one on one coaching support I was after and help me meet my goals.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to my friends and family and have already done so, as she has a wealth of knowledge to share.

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