I Wish I had Found Sarah Sooner

I came to see Sarah just over a year ago as I’d struggled with digestive issues & allergies for most of my adult life for which doctors and medications hadn’t been able to assist with. I had also recently suffered from the flu and was feeling run down, exhausted and generally overwhelmed.
From my first consult I was confident that Sarah understood my issues & I was reassured that all of these things could improved. Over the next few months, Sarah worked with me to implement lifestyle changes in a manageable and incremental way. Within the first few visits all of my symptoms had improved significantly and Sarah has provided me with the knowledge and tools to maintain this.
Sarah has always been extremely supportive and explains everything in a straight forward manner that’s easy to understand. I have since recommended her to friends & family for other issues/ailments and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to  anyone on a similar position. I just wish I had found her earlier!!

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