I’ve Lost 15kg in Five Months

I was referred to you from a friend of a friend, I am 49 I want to be the best form of me before I reach that 50 year milestone. I wanted to improve my gut health. I had been very active at the gym for at least 2 1/2 years, busting my ass doing cardio classes. My weight maintained I wanted to change that.
I am a typical tradesman/ single guy, loved a beer and red wine, ate at lunch bars and I felt I ate quite healthily.
Sarah you worked with me with my life style, we slowly worked on changing my diet and especially alcohol intake. It didn’t happen straight away but I slowly could see the results, the first 4 weeks were hard, we had to make changes, I still went out, but it was no I can’t eat that Sarah said.
My job role changed to Fifo, eating at the site Mess and still going out on my breaks, but you helped me loose 15 kg in 5 months. I feel amazing thank you to you. Apart from the fact I have to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes. I have lost 4 inches of my waist. I feel amazing, I can now run, the gym classes are easier and the dating game has become a lot better.
I would definitely refer you to anyone and everyone. You are very knowledgeable, sensitive and made my health journey very easy. You are in my thoughts at every meal, will Sarah let me have this and I still need to buy new clothes, my shorts falls straight of me and my Shirts are too big.
You have changed my life thank you

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