Fertility Success and a Healthier Family

I decided to visit Sarah after following her success stories on social media for a little while. I had come off of the pill after 6 years, and somewhere around 8 months later still not had my period back once. Getting close to 12 months after and I was still having irregular and dysfunctional cycles. As well as suspected undiagnosed endometriosis, I had also been told it may be difficult for me to fall pregnant naturally.
Sarah eased me into some dietary changes mainly focussing on dairy and gluten. On top of this we changed vitamin and supplement use and adapted to a very natural supplement fix. Cutting out almost all of my toiletries and beauty products and replacing with 100% natural options on top of the dietary changes within a few months I had already started to have a much more regular cycle.
I also noticed changes in my moods, the colour of the whites of my eyes, my skin and my sleep.
All of these changes also dramatically helped my fianc√©, who plays sport at a semi-professional level. He couldn’t believe the difference in his recovery time, his sleep and his performance levels on the pitch.
Almost 9 months after my initial consult with Sarah, I am now 16 weeks pregnant and the 3 of us are adapting a very easy, low tox, and healthy lifestyle.
I would 100% recommend anyone to go and see Sarah, for an initial consult at minimum so she can answer any of your burning questions, she is such an open, knowledgeable book!
I am so glad to have met Sarah and built such a lovely relationship with her!

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