I Now Understand Myself Better and am More in Tune With my Needs

I was struggling to cope with life. I had been dealing with cholinergic urticaria (hives) for over 20 years and in 2017 discovered I had a pre-malignant cancer growth in my bladder. I found my job very demanding, was always stressed and felt like I was on the path to breakdown. Before coming to Sarah I was frequently sick (I had pneumonia in 2019) and I struggled to maintain good dental health. I came to Sarah because I needed a coach with the skills and experience who could really help.

From a nutrition perspective, I removed lots of foods that weren’t helping me (grains, coffee, some high histamine foods) and focused on more nutrient rich food (vegetables, meats and some organ meats). I learned that low carbohydrate meals and long gaps between meals are stressful for my body type. I also focused on cooking my meals at home.

From a stress management perspective, Sarah encouraged me to be more disciplined with switching off from work and avoiding screen-time at night. I started doing breathing/mediation, exercised less and tried saunas. I also recently made my own choice to start a new job.

The benefits have been so positive! My urticaria has been more manageable, my immunity has improved, my dental health has improved (my dentist said ‘keep doing whatever it is you’re doing’) and my stress is more manageable. I now understand myself better and am more in-tune with my needs.

I would say that if you really want to change and are prepared to put the effort in then Sarah is the coach for you.

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