I’m Empowered and Healthy for Life

As the saying goes; you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  This was true for me a couple of years after I initially worked with Sarah in early 2015.

Sarah came highly recommend by a dear friend after I had been put on medication for high blood pressure the age of 25 and was searching for ways to better my lifestyle in order to hopefully come off the meds. Being based in London meant that Sarah and I spoke over Skype and juggled timezones.  I soon saw huge results under her guidance.  Blood pressure was only one of the many things that improved, my skin, hormones, gut and weight all changed for the better.  Over the next couple of years I managed to come off the medication for my blood pressure which was a great achievement for me.   As more time passed I started to allow myself to slip into old habits that I knew weren’t serving me.  While all was not lost or forgotten from my initial coaching I knew that I needed to get back on track and so asked if I could work with Sarah again.  This time I really focused on how to adapt and make sustainable changes for life, that fit in with my lifestyle.  Second time round, I am feeling focused, empowered and my health is back on the up.  I have been off the medication for two years now and Sarah has truly set me on the path to wellness that’s opened my eyes to many learnings.  Anything is possible with Sarah, even if you do live 9000 miles away.

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