Mental Health, Waistline and Sleeping Patterns all Much Better!!

At the end of 2021 my health was in a terrible state of affairs, both physically and mentally, so I was determined to ‘get healthy’ in 2022. Diet always plays a huge part so I sought out the help of a nutritionist to assess and educate me on all things food. Sarah has provided me with a deeper, holistic understanding on my health and has given me the tools and motivation to improve my lifestyle for the better.

I am eating better (and at the right time), I am sleeping (finally!) and I have a deeper understanding of how interlinked everything is: our gut health, hormones, sleep, stress, food. I had no idea! All in all I lost 18kg and 10cm off my waist!!

I would absolutely recommend Sarah’s approach to anyone who is looking to improve their life, not just their diet. Her approach is structured, manageable and has made sense at every stage of the process. We’ve measured the positive changes I have made, celebrated the wins, and recalibrated the challenges. Sarah is supporting and understanding, and will hold you accountable. Just what I needed. Thank you Sarah, my mental health, waistline and sleeping patterns thank you!

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