Skin and Hormones Healed and Now I’m Pregnant!

I came to see Sarah as I was suffering from stress related symptoms including brain fog, unexplained weight gain, skin problems, irregular periods and physical fatigue. I also had some significant personal and work related stressors that were outside of my control and started to impact my everyday life. We were planning on trying for a baby in a years time which was an added bonus on seeing Sarah.
Sarah took me back to basics by working on my sleep hygiene, some simple diet changes and some new ways of managing my stress including cutting back on intensive exercise. There did come a point in my time with Sarah where I was doing all the things but little to no change was happening, where I became frustrated. Sarah worked with me to focus on manifesting what I want, looking for signs from the universe and having faith that everything happens for a reason. Through doing this my periods became regular, my brain had completely gone, my skin became clear, the weight started to come off, until I became pregnant of course!
I would recommend Sarah in a heart beat! Her caring and supportive nature reminded me that I had a lot to learn from my experience. Her tailored approach opened my eyes to different ways of supporting myself and that it’s all about implementing the small changes that ultimately led to my change in lifestyle which is easy to maintain. I feel so lucky to be sitting here 13 weeks pregnant with Sarah’s help!

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